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Malt Extract Powder

Product Name:Malt Powder
Latin Name: Hordeurn vulgare L
Form: Powder
Appearance : Brown yellow powder
Quality Standard: Feed Grade
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What is Malt Extract Powder?

Malt extract powder or malt flour ought not be mistaken for malted milk powder, frequently accessible in drink blends like. Dry malt extract powder is generally made of grain. The cycle for creating the powder is to permit the grain to grow for a brief timeframe, then to dry and finely grind the grew grain.


Basic Information:

Product name:Barley Malt ExtractLatin Name:Hordeum vulgare L.
CAS:539-15-1Molecular formula:C10H15NO
Active ingredients:HordeninePart used:Barley malt
Assay:98%,99%Test method:HPLC






Brown yellow powder








Sieve analysis

100% pass 80 mesh


Loss on Drying

Residue on Ignition





Heavy Metal



Residual Solvents



Residual Pesticide



Total Plate Count



Yeast & Mold










Malt Extract Powder Benefit and Uses:

Beyond the fact that dry malt extract powder contains rapidly assimilated energy (sugars, degraded starch), malted barley is also characterized by:

high content of natural enzymes : amylolytic activity , as well as the β -glucanase and phytase activities are very quickly highly increased by the germination,

high content of antioxidants (phenolic compounds) : the malt extract powder increases significantly the antioxidant activity of barley,

lower content of β -glucans compared to barley,

high palatability

The germinated malt extract powder therefore optimizes the function of the digestive system of pets to keep them healthy, improve their performance and make them more resistant to the environmental pressure and weather conditions.


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