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Icariin 60

Product name:Icariin Herbal Extract
Latin name: Epimedium grandiflorum L.
Extract Source: leaf
Specifications: 5% – 98% test by HPLC
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What is Icariin 60?

The most widely recognized use for icariin 60 is for guys to utilize it to help sexual execution by supporting against erectile brokenness and untimely discharge, as well as to stir sexual longing

60 icariin is a spice utilized in Traditional Chinese medication.

Icariin 60 contains synthetic substances which might assist with expanding blood stream and work on sexual capability. It additionally contains phytoestrogens, synthetic substances that act fairly like the female chemical estrogen, that could diminish bone misfortune in postmenopausal ladies.


Basic Information:

Product name

Epimedium Extract

Latin name

Epimedium brevicornu Maxim.

Other name

Horny goat weed extract .Yinyanghuo

Epimedium rotundatum K. S. Hao

Place of Origin

China shaanxi

Part used

Whole herbal

Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Active Ingrdients


Cas No


Molecular Formula


Formula Weight


Test Method


Formula Structure



Icariin 10%-98%


Man healthcare supplements


Icariin 60 Uses

Treats Atherosclerosis: Atherosclerosis is the development of fats and cholesterol on the vein walls called plaque. Icariin 60 has the quality to diminish the improvement of atherosclerosis in the veins.

Mitigates Nerve torment: Certain ailments influence the nerves that convey sensation to the mind causing neuralgia or neuropathic torment. Icariin 60 can really calm most of neuropathic torments. As well as animal.

Increments Endometrial Thickness: Estrogen chemical is very imperative in keeping the endometrium (the coating of the uterus) unblemished. Absence of sufficient estrogen brings about a slim endometrial covering. 60 icariin can help in adequate thickening of the endometrium. As well as animal.

Battles Leukopenia: A diminishing in the quantity of white platelets causes a blood problem called constant leukopenia. Icariin 60 helps the development of white platelets that assume a significant part in keeping our safe framework sound.As well as animal.

Battles Postmenopausal Problems: It has been found that taking horny goat weed water removes increment estradiol levels in postmenopausal ladies which thus battles issues that emerge after menopause. As well as animal.

Further develops Blood Flow: Erectile brokenness happens when there is an absence of enough blood streaming to the privates. 60 icariin has ended up being useful in expanding the blood stream to all pieces of the body. As well as animal.


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