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High Quality Epimedium Extract

Product name:Epimedium Powder
Latin name: Epimedium grandiflorum L.
Extract Source: leaf
Specifications: 5% – 98% test by HPLC
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What is High Quality Epimedium Extract?

High quality epimedium extract is a variety of blooming plants in the Berberidaceae family, regularly known as the barberry family. It contains more than 60 species, of which up to 15 are utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Wholesale epimedium extract powder is one of the most notable of these species, with normal names that incorporate horny goat weed, cleric’s cap and pixie wings.

High quality epimedium extract icariin is local to eastern Asia, including China, Japan and Korea. A herbaceous perpetual with red stems can develop to one foot in level. The heart-molded leaves at first have a copper hint that blurs as they mature.

Epimedium produces blossoms in a scope of varieties, including purple, pink, yellow and white. The shoots develop from rhizomes, albeit the particular development example might differ extensively.


Basic Information:

Product name

Epimedium Extract

Latin name

Epimedium brevicornu Maxim.

Other name

Horny goat weed extract .Yinyanghuo

Epimedium rotundatum K. S. Hao

Place of Origin

China shaanxi

Part used

Whole herbal

Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Active Ingrdients


Cas No


Molecular Formula


Formula Weight


Test Method


Formula Structure



Icariin 10%-98%


Man healthcare supplements


High Quality Epimedium Extract Uses

1. Effects on sexual function

High quality epimedium extract can enhance the secretion function of the endocrine system such as the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis, the adrenal cortex axis, and the thymus axis.

2. Anti-aging effect

Experiments show that high quality epimedium extract icariin can significantly restore the function of T and B lymphocyte proliferation in D-galactose aging model male mice, and can significantly increase the activity of total SOD in the liver of mice, and reduce lipid peroxidation in liver tissue. It reduces the formation of lipofuscin in the heart, liver and other tissues, but does not significantly reduce the lipofuscin in the brain.

3. Effects on the immune system

Experiments show that wholesale epimedium extract powder can promote the production of Ts cells induced by SOI (super-optimal dose immunization) in donor mice, and enhance the inhibition of antibody production in recipient mice, and the antibody level is significantly lower than that in SOI group; The production of cells was attenuated, and the antibody production level of the recipient mice was significantly higher than that of the SOI group.

4. Effects on the cardiovascular system

Experiments have shown that the extract of high quality epimedium extract and the non-amino acid part extracted from 200% Epimedium water extract tablets can significantly increase coronary flow in isolated rabbit hearts.

5. Antitussive, expectorant and asthmatic effects

It was proved by the mouse phenol red excretion method that the fresh crude extract of Epimedium and the dry ethyl acetate extract have certain expectorant effect. The method of inducing cough with sulfur dioxide in mice proved that the extracts of methanol and ethyl acetate have antitussive effect; the extracts of methanol can also inhibit the cough caused by stimulating the superior laryngeal nerve of cats. Methanol extract has a protective effect on drug-induced asthma.

6. Anti-inflammatory and anti-pathogenic microorganisms

Subcutaneous injection of high quality epimedium extract icariin 50mg/kg to rats can significantly reduce the degree of egg white foot swelling; 15g/kg to rabbits can reduce the increase in capillary permeability caused by histamine.

7. Effects on the blood system

Epimedium decoction, high quality epimedium extract polysaccharide and Epimedium crude flavonoids can all promote platelet aggregation induced by aggregating agent in normal rats. Goat weed has the weakest flavonoids.


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