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Cordyceps Militaris Extract

Product Name:Cordyceps Sinensis Extract
Latin name: Cordyceps sinensis
Part Used: Mycelium
Appearance: brown fine power
Active Ingredients: Polysaccharides ,Cordyceps Acid (Mannitol), Cordycepin(Adenosine)
Specifications: 20%, 30% Polysaccharides, 10% Cordyceps Acid, Cordycepin 0.5%,1% ,7%HPLC
Assay Method: UV
Grade:Feed Grade
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What is Cordyceps Militaris Extract?

Cordyceps militaris extract is a sort of parasitic growths that becomes on the hatchlings of bugs.

At the point when these growths assault their host, they supplant its tissue and fledgling long, slim stems that develop outside the host’s body.

The remaining parts of the bug and growths have been hand-gathered, dried and utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine for quite a long time to treat weakness, infection, kidney illness and low sex drive.

Enhancements and items containing cordyceps militaris extract powder have become progressively well known because of their many implied medical advantages.


Basic Information:

Product name

Cordyceps Militaris Extract

Latin name

Cordyceps P.E

Place of Origin

Yunnan, Jilin, Liaoning

Harvest season

Four seasons

Part used

Whole herb

Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction

Active Ingrdients


Cas No


Molecular Formula


Formula Weight



North cordyceps sinensis, north cordyceps militaris, cordyceps sinensis

Test Method


Formula Structure



Cordyceps Militaris Benefits:

To give your dog cordyceps militaris extract powder, feel free to combine them, or try one at a time. Many of the best mushroom supplements for dogs help support the immune system with overlapping properties, but one or two may stand out more than others.

One way to incorporate these cordyceps militaris extract is to make a mushroom tea or decoction. This can be done by putting dried mushrooms (⅓ cup) in a pot of water (1 cup). Bring to a boil and let simmer for a couple of hours (cordyceps should only be simmered 15 minutes). Another option is to slice up the mushroom and fry them with meat and/or vegetables. You can also cook them in stew or soup, similar to the decoction.

Cordyceps militaris extract can be ordered online and sometimes found at markets or health food stores. Make sure to buy well-sourced and organic whenever you can.

Where to buy cordyceps militaris extract?

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