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Best Milk Thistle Extract

Product Name:Milk Thistle Extract
Latin Name: Silybum marianum G.
Content: Silymarin
Specs :40-100mesh
Part used:Milk Thistle SD
Appearance: Brown yellow to light yelllow fine powder
CAS No.: 65666-07-1
Grade:feed grade
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What is Best Milk Thistle Extract?

Best milk thistle extract has been used as a cytoprotectant for the treatment of liver disease, for the treatment and prevention of cancer, and as a supportive treatment of Amanita phalloides poisoning. Clinical studies are largely heterogeneous and contradictory. Aside from mild gastrointestinal distress and allergic reactions, side effects are rare, and serious toxicity rarely has been reported. In an oral form standardized to contain 70 to 80 percent silymarin, milk thistle 4 1 extract appears to be safe for up to 41 months of use. Significant drug reactions have not been reported. Clinical studies in oncology and infectious disease that are under way will help determine the efficacy and effectiveness of milk thistle.

Organic milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum) was used in classical Greece to treat liver and gallbladder diseases and to protect the liver against toxins. It recently has been investigated for use as a cytoprotectant, an anticarcinogen, and a supportive treatment for liver damage from Amanita phalloides poisoning. Its active ingredient is silymarin, found primarily in the seeds. Silymarin undergoes enterohepatic recirculation, which results in higher concentrations in liver cells than in serum.1 It is made up of components called flavonolignans, the most common being silybin.


Basic Information:

Product name

Milk Thistle Silymarin (Milk thistle extract) FEED GRADE

Latin name

Silybum marianum (Linn.) Gaertn.

Place of Origin

Liaoning,Inner Mongolia China

Part used


Extraction Type

Solvent Extraction (Acetone/Ethanol)

Active Ingrdients

Silymarin/Silybin, Isosilybin, Silychristin, Silydianin

Cas No

65666-07-1 22888-70-6

Molecular Formula


Formula Weight



Silybum marianum ,cardus marianus, milk thistle, blessed milk thistle, Marian Thistle, Mary Thistle, Saint Mary’s Thistle, Mediterranean milk thistle,

variegated thistle , Scotch thistle,Silymarin

Test Method


Formula Structure



10:1 Brown yellow powder

Silymarin 45%-60%, USP Yellow powder

Silymarin 80%&Silybin+Isosilybin 30% Yellow powder

Silybin 70%-98% White powder

Water soluble Silymarin 10%-45% brown yellow powder


Medicine, food additive, dietary supplement, sports nutrition


Benefits of Best Milk Thistle Extract

Two comparative trials were performed, each with 16 cows which in the period of 2-6 weeks after parturition had 7.9 mg and more acetone in 1 litre of milk. The cows, crossbreds of the Czech Red-Pied cattle with the Holstein cattle, were divided into control and test groups, eight in each using the system of pairs. The cows of test groups were given for a fortnight feed rations containing a meal of best milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum, L., Gaert.) seeds, at a rate of 0.3 kg per head/day with the contents of 2.34% silybin and best milk thistle extract (substances of the so called silymarin complex of the flavonolignane group). In comparison with the control cows, in the blood and milk of the former ones a decrease was demonstrated in the sum of acetone + acetoacetic acid (up to P less than 0.01) and beta-hydroxybutyric acid in the blood (up to P less than 0.05). The ketonuria degree dropped remarkably. Although there were not observed any differences in the parameters of acid-base metabolism in the blood (pH, PCO2, BE, SB, BB), the pH values and net acid-base output in urine were higher in these cows. Milk production in the cows of control groups was decreasing during the trial (up to P 0.01), but in the test cows it was higher by 7.7% (trial 1) and by 3.4% (trial 2), in comparison with the milk yield at the beginning of the trials. Differences in metabolism parameters and milk production in favour of the cows which were given milk thistle in their feed rations were observed even in a fortnight after the diet stopped to contain this ingredient.


The active ingredient in silymarin powder is silymarin, a natural flavonoid lignan compound, which mainly contains silybin, isosilybin, silymarin and silymarin. Construct, in which silibinin has the highest content and the highest hepatoprotective activity. At present, the role of medicinal best milk thistle extract is mainly reflected in:

1. Silymarin powder is sometimes used as a natural remedy for liver problems.

2. Anti-cardiovascular disease effect. Silymarin extract powder can lower cholesterol levels and has cardiovascular benefits.

3. Directly remove reactive oxygen species, resist lipid peroxidation, and maintain the fluidity of cell membranes.

4. Protects against cerebral ischemia injury.


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