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Aspen Bark Extract

Product name:Aspen Bark Extract
Appearance:Brown Powder
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Grade:Feed Grade
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What is Aspen Bark Extract?

Aspen bark extract has generally been a well known wood for working across North American and Asia, due to its protection from bugs and forms, and keeps on being utilized in saunas. It isn’t just utilized as an additive in beauty care products, yet additionally for its skin smoothing properties. Phytocide aspen bark extract was generally utilized in tea-like beverage for hacks, and its leaves were utilized as poultices for sore joints.


2.Basic Information

Product Name:Aspen Bark Extract
Product Description:When our body processes Salicin, it turns Salicin into salicylic acid, which is the chemical precursor to aspirin.
Active Ingredients:Salicin
Appearance:Brown Powder
Specification:Salicin 15% 20% 30% 50% 98%If you have any specification demand, please contact with us freely.
Certifications:Halal, Kosher, COA, Fingerprint , Commodity inspection,
CO, Form A / E ,etc.


Aspen Bark Extract Benefits:

Aspen bark extract can prevent and treatment of poultry digestive tract infections caused by poultry Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pasteurella anatipestae, Proteus, Staphylococcus and other bacteria and viruses. Clinically, it is suitable for poultry with sluggish spirit, loose feathers, drooping wings, aversion to cold, and piles caused by the above pathogens.

Aspen bark extract quickly eliminate intractable diarrhea of livestock and poultry caused by unknown etiology, and can treat undiagnosed intestinal diseases. Such as intractable diarrhea, the feces are as thin as paste or even watery, yellow-green or yellow-white, sometimes mixed with a small amount of blood. Piglets yellow dysentery, pullorum, infectious gastroenteritis, watery loose stools in medium and large pigs, and fecal contamination of the villi around the anus.


The Aspen Bark Extract Supplier

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Why Choose Aspen Bark Extract?

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Where to buy Aspen Bark Extract?

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