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Product Name:Pure Allicin(FEED GRADE)
Latin Name: Allium Sativum L.
Specification Ratio:4:1~20:1 Allicin 1% 2% 3%; 80mesh Powder
Part Used: bulb
Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder- White Powder
Test Method: TLC/HPLC
Advantage: pure natural for theman health raw materials;

What is Allicin?

Allicin (diallyl thiosulfinate) from garlic is a highly potent natural antimicrobial substance. It inhibits growth of a variety of microorganisms, among them antibiotic-resistant strains. However, the precise mode of action of allicin is unknown. Here, we show that growth inhibition of Escherichia coli during allicin exposure coincides with a depletion of the glutathione pool and S-allylmercapto modification of proteins, resulting in overall decreased total sulfhydryl levels. This is accompanied by the induction of the oxidative and heat stress response. We identified and quantified the allicin-induced modification S-allylmercaptocysteine for a set of cytoplasmic proteins by using a combination of label-free mass spectrometry and differential isotope-coded affinity tag labeling of reduced and oxidized thiol residues.



English NameAllicin(feed grade)
Extraction sourceLiliaceous of allium plants garlic bulb (garlic)
Part UsedGarlic
AppearanceOff-white powder
SmellSmelly spicy smell
Grain degree8


Allicin Benefits:

The role of allicin

1, lure food

Allicin oil can exude a unique garlic fragrance, which can make animals appetite and make them eat quickly. After being ingested by animals, allicin oil can enhance gastric juice secretion and gastrointestinal motility, stimulate appetite and promote digestion.

2, antibacterial

Allicin has obvious inhibitory and killing effects on Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, Typhoid, Pneumoniae, Streptococcus, etc. It has no inhibitory effect on beneficial bacteria, such as Lactobacillus casei and Rhizopus.

3, improve product quality

Fish, shrimp and other animals, after ingesting allicin oil, the meat quality is significantly improved, the original fishy smell of the animals is reduced, and the taste becomes more delicious.

4. Suppress insects and repel insects

The allicin is added to the feed, which can effectively inhibit the production of harmful larvae, and also has a certain insect repellent effect.

5, mildew proof

Allicin has anti-mold effect in feed. When used in combination with anti-mold agents such as sodium diacetate and sodium benzoate, the effect is more obvious.

6. Health

0.004-0.01% allicin oil is added to the feed. After the animal is ingested, the digestive function is improved, the physical fitness is obviously improved, and the disease resistance is enhanced, thereby increasing the survival rate and reducing the mortality rate. According to data, the survival rate of chickens, pigs and fish can be increased by more than 5%.


Allicin Application:

1.Applied in food field, it is mainly as a functional food additives used in cookie, bread, meat products and so on;

2.Applied in health product field, it is often made into capsule to lower blood pressure and blood-fat;

3.Applied in pharmaveutical field, it is mainly used in treating bacterial infection, gastroenteritis and cardiovascular diseases;

4.Applied in feed additive field, it is mainly used in feed additive for protecting the poultry, livestock and fishes against the disease.

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