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White Peony Extract

Product name: White Peony Extract Powder
Product Specification: 10:1; 10%-50%Paeoniflorin
Plant Part Use: Root
Extract Method: Grain Alcohol/Water
Test Mothed: HPLC
Application:animal remedy additives
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is White Peony Extract?

White peony extract is a natural extract extracted from Paeoniae officinalis, a plant of the ranunculaceae family, which is refined, concentrated, and dried. Its main component is paeoniflorin. Soluble in methanol, soluble in ethanol. Stable under acidic conditions, unstable under alkaline conditions. Good thermal stability.

White peony root extract contains paeoniflorin, oxypaeoniflorin, albiflorin, benzoylpaeoniflorin, paeoniflorigenone, paeonolide ), paeonol (paeonol); still contains benzoic acid, carrotin and various tannins.


Basic Information:



Mesh sizePass 80 mesh
Loss on drying≤5%
Heavy metals<10ppm
Total Plate Count<5000cfu/g
Yeast & Mold<500cfu/g


White Peony Extract Benefits:

White peony is known for its various medical advantages, however did you had any idea about that it can likewise be useful for canines? White peony has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help improve your dog’s overall health, just like they do for humans. White peony is good for dogs in the following ways:

white peony extract is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can assist in reducing pain and inflammation. It works by lowering the production of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, which are the main causes of inflammation. This is especially helpful for dogs with arthritis, which is a long-term condition characterized by joint inflammation. The mitigating properties of white peony can assist with lessening the irritation and related torment, prompting further developed versatility and generally solace.

Enhances Immunity

White peony contains substances that can assist in strengthening your pet’s immune system. It has been found to animate the development of white platelets, which are imperative in warding off contaminations and illnesses. Your dog’s ability to fight infections and overall immunity may be enhanced by the increased production of white blood cells.

Advances Liver Wellbeing

The liver is an imperative organ answerable for separating poisons from the blood, putting away nutrients and minerals, and delivering bile for processing. It has been discovered that white peony root extract has hepatoprotective properties that can support and protect the liver. It works by lowering oxidative stress in the liver and increasing the production of antioxidant enzymes, which can assist in preventing damage to the liver and improve overall health of the liver.

Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is common in dogs and can cause a variety of behavioral issues like excessive barking, aggression, and destructiveness. Anxiolytic properties of white peony have been found to aid in anxiety reduction in dogs. It works by altering the brain’s levels of neurotransmitters like gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which has been shown to calm people down. White peony’s anxiolytic properties can help your dog’s behavior, anxiety levels, and overall well-being improve.

White peony extract has been found to have benefits for the digestive system, which can help your dog’s digestion. It does this by encouraging the production of digestive enzymes, which can help break down food and get nutrients into the body. Additionally, it may prevent the accumulation of toxins in the digestive tract, which can cause a variety of digestive issues, including diarrhea and constipation.

In conclusion, the herb white peony may be beneficial to dogs. It has antioxidant, hepatoprotective, and anti-inflammatory properties that can improve your dog’s overall health. It can assist in reducing anxiety, easing pain and inflammation, strengthening the immune system, promoting liver health, and improving digestion. If you’re thinking about giving your dog white peony, you should talk to a vet first to make sure it’s safe and right for him or her.

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