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Vaccaria Extract

Type: Herbal Extract
Latin Name: Vaccaria segetalis (Necr.) Gracke
Form: Powder
Part: Seed
Application:animal remedy additives
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Vaccaria extract?

[Name of Chinese medicine] Wang Buliuxing wangbuliuxing

[Alias] Do not leave sons, bulls, milk rice, Wang Buliu, wheat blue seeds, cut gold, and leave lines.

[English name] Vaccariae Semen.

[Source] The mature seeds of the caryophyllaceae plant Vaccaria segetalis (Neck.) Garcke.

Mainly contains Wangbuliuxing saponins, Wangbuliuxing triterpene saponins, a variety of cyclic peptides, flavonoids, hydrogenated ferulic acid, urinary nucleosides, Wangbuliuxing flavonoid glycosides, wheatgrass xanthone, Wangbuliu Xanthenone, isosaponin, Wangbuliu Xingxsaponin, D-glucose and other ingredients are used.


Basic Information:

Product nameChinese Herb Plant Extract Vaccariae Semen Vaccaria Segetalis Extract Powder
Latin NameVaccaria segetalis
AppearanceBrown Yellow Fine Powder
Part usedSeed
Specification10:1, 20:1
Applied industriesanimal remedy additives


Vaccaria Extract Application:

(1) Vaccaria extract can improve the physiological condition of sows before and after childbirth

Problems with the physiological functions of the prenatal pigs will have a great impact on the subsequent production links, such as dystocia, postpartum fever, uterine prolapse, no milk, incomplete uterine involution, irregular estrus after weaning, etc., leading to the birth rate , Weaning weight and survival rate of piglets are reduced, and the time interval from estrus to mating is prolonged. The fermented raw milk powder contains a large number of beneficial live bacteria, which can basically solve the problem of constipation in the late pregnancy of sows, so as to avoid a series of problems caused by sows constipation and reduce related economic losses; at the same time; , The traditional Chinese medicine ingredients in the prescription, by invigorating the qi, invigorating the spleen and stomach, enhancing liver and kidney function, regulating uterine function, promoting lactation, hemostasis, etc., alleviate the pressure on sows in the late pregnancy, farrowing and lactation . By adjusting the physiological functions of the sow, it can be ensured that it can pass the late pregnancy, delivery and lactation smoothly.

(2) Vaccaria extract can increase the productivity of sows and piglets during lactation

Fermented raw milk powder can solve two problems of sows and piglets during lactation: First, it can improve milk production and milk quality. Improve the health of lactating sows by regulating the immunity, reproduction, lactation and intestinal functions of sows, so as to ensure the balance of nutritional intake and milk production of sows, so that piglets can obtain sufficient and better quality nutrition. Second, improve the breeding environment in the farrowing room to prevent piglet diseases. Before pigs enter the farrowing room, they must first disinfect their bodies, but the pathogenic microorganisms carried by the sows cannot be removed. The pathogenic microorganisms are excreted with the sow’s feces and urine, polluting the farrowing environment. The immune components in the formula of fermented preparations can improve the immune function of sows. At the same time, probiotics have a strong antagonistic effect on pathogenic microorganisms in the intestinal tract. Through the above two effects, the sows can be reduced in the farrowing stage. The amount of poison and detoxification creates a cleaner growth environment for newborn piglets with poor immunity.

(3) Vaccaria extract can shorten the cycle of estrus and mating

The sows in the farrowing room have a large physical loss and insufficient energy for self-recovery. It can be said that there is a deficiency of both qi and blood, which can easily lead to weak post-weaning physique, incomplete uterine involution, and infection of pathogenic microorganisms, endometritis , The incidence of vaginitis is greater. The occurrence of the above problems often causes the sows to have inconspicuous, irregular or delayed estrus after weaning, resulting in a prolonged emptying period, affecting the breeding of the herd, and increasing the cost of feed. The fermented preparation has strong functions such as invigorating qi, tonifying blood, invigorating the spleen and appetizing, protecting the liver and kidneys, maintaining intestinal health and supplementing nutrients. Its role is not only to promote the secretion of milk, but to prevent pregnancy, The animal body in the special physiological stage of lactation is used as the adjustment object to improve the physiological and pathological state of the sow from the overall, system, and organ levels, promote the recovery of the sow’s reproductive system function, and ensure that it can be estrus, bred and bred as soon as possible after weaning. Conception improves the performance of the sow.


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