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Scutellaria Root Extract

Product Name:Scutellaria Root Extract
Latin Name: Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi
Specification Ratio: 10:1 Baicalin 85%
Part Used: root
Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
Test Method: TLC HPLC
Application:animal remedy additives
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Scutellaria Root Extract?

Scutellaria root extract, likewise named Chinese skullcap, is an enduring spice in the Lamiaceae family. Since 2,000 years, it is utilized as a conventional medication in China and for such an explanation it has been authoritatively recorded in the Chinese Pharmacopeia.

Flavonoids is the really dynamic element of scutellaria baicalensis. Scutellaria root extract has against oxidant, antibacterial, and mitigating impacts.

Chinese skullcap root extract scutellaria baicalensis is generally utilized in enemy of hypersensitive and calming beauty care products. It can likewise be utilized as a corrective added substance for brightening, sunscreen and hostile to maturing.



Product name

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract

Latin name

Scutellaria baicalensis georgi.L




Light yellow powder

Part of used



Baicalin 40%-98%



Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Active ingredient


Detection method



Scutellaria Root Extract Application:

1. Unwinding and Stress Delivery – Skullcap for Quiet!

Studies have recommended that scutellaria root extract has the potential for solid pressure alleviation and unwinding benefits. Baicalin follows up on the GABA receptors in your cerebrum, which are your body’s normal unwinding receptors. The GABA chemical is delivered by your cerebrum to advance rest, relief from discomfort, and unwinding.

2. Neuroprotection – Baicalin safeguards your cerebrum!

Scientists have known for quite a while that one of the top chinese skullcap root extract scutellaria baicalensis benefits is its capacity to create neuroprotective results. Strikingly, Baicalin can shield nerve cells from harm in states of pressure. In particular, this has been displayed during cerebrum ischemia – an absence of blood/oxygen supply in the mind.

3. May Assist with helping Learning Limit

Studies have demonstrated that scutellaria root extract might have a capacity to upgrade memory and abilities to learn. Various creature studies have shown enhancements in concentration and memory-orientated errands in the wake of utilizing a Baicalin extricate.

4. Advances a Solid Circulatory Framework

One significant way that chinese skullcap root extract scutellaria baicalensis extricates help to advance a sound circulatory framework is by improving nitric oxide levels in your blood. Researchers have observed that even an extremely low dose of Baicalin is successful at raising nitric oxide levels.

5. Advances Great Blood Glucose Levels

Glucose levels are particularly significant for individuals experiencing diabetes. Nonetheless, keeping up with sound glucose levels is additionally significant for in any case solid individuals.

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