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Rhubarb Powder

Product Name: Rhubarb Root Extract
Latin Name: Rheum palmatum L.
Appearance: Yellow Powder;
Application:animal remedy additives
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Rhubarb Powder?

Because of its numerous health benefits, rhubarb powder has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. Chinese rhubarb powder is used as a laxative for constipation, an astringent for diarrhea, and a natural cleanser for the stomach, pancreas, and liver—making it an herbal superfood for digestive issues.

The Rheum Officinale plant, which is abundant in the hills and forests of East Asia, is the source of the rhubarb powder, which is also referred to as Chinese Rhubarb, Tibetan Rhubarb, Indian Rhubarb, and Medicinal Rhubarb. Dried rhubarb powder has a light brown color, a slightly bitter taste, and a wide range of applications. Chinese rhubarb root powder can be added to shakes and smoothies, blended into a paste for topical application, combined with boiling water to make a soothing mouthwash to treat ulcers, or even taken as a tincture.




Basic Information:


Rhubarb POWDER




yellow needle crystal powder

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Herb Sourse:


Part used:


Particle size:

100% pass 80 mesh



Shelf Life:

2 years if properly stored.


Cool and dry place,keep away from strong light & high temp


25kg /drum,or as per customer’s requests.




Rhubarb Powder Benefits:


Vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, dietary fiber, potassium, and rhubarb stalks are all present. The fiber in rhubarb root powder can help with digestion and has very few calories. Even though we wouldn’t recommend feeding your pet chinese rhubarb root powder stalks intentionally, you shouldn’t be concerned if your dog eats something dropped by accident.


Dehydrated rhubarb powder is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine with a wide range of functions. For a long time, the research on rhubarb root powder has been valued by scholars at home and abroad. There are more than 60 kinds of rhubarb in the world, and there are more than 40 kinds in my country, and the authentic rhubarb is only produced in China.


 Moreover, because Chinese medicine has not really entered the mainstream international pharmaceutical market, the development of Chinese medicine is relatively backward, and the export volume of dehydrated rhubarb powder is still low. It is very limited, resulting in a large backlog of products and huge losses to the economy.


Therefore, how to make full use of the resource advantages of rhubarb root powder in our country is an urgent problem to be solved at present. There are relatively few researches on the application of feed additives, and due to the different test conditions, the reported results are quite different. In this paper, various extracts of rhubarb were used to compare the antibacterial tests on common livestock and poultry pathogens under the same conditions, aiming to develop a natural antibacterial agent



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