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Morus Alba Bark Extract

Variety:Morus Alba Bark Extract
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Packaging:CAN, Drum
Application:animal remedy additives
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Morus Alba Bark Extract?

Morus alba bark extract is derived from the dried root bark of the Moraceae plant Morus (MorusalbaL) after removing the cork, and it is a variety recorded in the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia”. It is mainly produced in Anhui, Henan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan and other places. Nature and flavor are sweet, cold. Enter lung, spleen channel. Efficacy of purging lung and relieving asthma, promoting water and detumescence. Morus alba root extract is used for dyspnea and cough due to lung heat, hematemesis, edema, beriberi, and dysuria. Contains chemical components such as umbelliferin, scopoletin, and morin.


Basic Information:

Product NameMorus Alba Bark Extract
Latin NameMorus alba L.
AppearanceBrown  Powder
Specifications4:1 10:1  20:1
Particle Size80-100 Mesh
SampleFreely Offered
MOQAny order quantity is welcome
StorageStore in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Packing1kg/Foil bag, 25kgs/Drum (Two plastic-bags inside with Paper-drums), Or as per customer’s requirements.)
Shelf Life2 years under well storage situation.


Morus Alba Bark Extract Benefits:

Traditional medicine has used Morus alba bark extract as an antibacterial, hypoglycemic, and anti-inflammatory agent [16]. Additionally, it has been reported that the root extract of M. alba has anticonvulsant and antihypertensive effects in a variety of experimental animal models, including dogs, mice, rats, and guinea pigs. The following are some advantages of Morus alba bark for dogs:

1. Encourages Healthy Eating: morus alba root extract contains stomach related compounds that assist with separating food and help in supplement assimilation. This can help with forestalling stomach related issues like stoppage, loose bowels, and spewing, prompting a better and utilitarian stomach related framework in canines.

2. Supports Insusceptible Framework: One more advantage of Morus alba bark is its capacity to help the safe arrangement of canines. Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in this natural ingredient help your dog stay healthy and active by fighting off diseases.

3. Properties that Reduce Inflammation: morus alba bark extract has strong calming properties that can assist with lessening irritation in the body. Dogs with arthritis, joint pain, or other inflammatory conditions especially benefit from this.

4. Controls Blood Sugar: Morus alba bark contains intensifies that assist with controlling glucose levels in canines. This can be advantageous for canines with diabetes, guaranteeing that their glucose levels stay taken care of.

5. Makes Skin Healthier: The health benefits of Morus alba bark for dogs’ skin are also well-known. Antioxidants in it reduce the risk of skin diseases, promote healthy skin, and slow the aging process.

Morus alba extract is a natural ingredient that is safe for dogs and has no known side effects, in addition to these advantages. It can be added to the food of your dog or added as a supplement to their diet.

Overall, Morus alba bark is a natural and efficient method for encouraging your pet to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. You can guarantee that your dog will live a long and healthy life if you include this natural ingredient in their diet.


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