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Knotweed Extract

Product Name:Polygonum cuspidatum extract
Appearance:brown yellow
Particle size:100% pass 80 mesh
Test Method:HPLC
Application:animal remedy additives
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Knotweed Extract?

Knotweed extract (Fallopia japonica) is a vegetable endemic to East Asia — explicitly, portions of Japan, China, and Korea — and an individual from the buckwheat plant family. It has broad, oval leaves and hollow stalks that look like bamboo. The growth of giant knotweed extract is rapid. The plant can reach a height of ten feet or more if the right conditions are met, and its rhizomes can spread quickly. Because of this fast development rate and spreading design, a few nations overall have named it an obtrusive species.

Resveratrol, a naturally occurring phenol or compound, is extracted from the roots of the invasive knotweed by foraging the wild food in its native habitat. The slightly tart stems of Japanese knotweed plants can be eaten, and resveratrol may be useful as a dietary supplement.


Basic Information:

AppearanceWhite PowderVisualComplies
Physical Characteristics
Particle SizeNLT 100% Pass 80 MeshGB5507-85Complies
Loss on Drying≤2.0%GB/T12531-19900.54%
Ash Content≤2.0%AOAC942.05,17th0.19%
Pesticide Residue<0.2ppmGB/T5009.19-1996Complies
Heavy Metals
Total Heavy Metals≤20ppmCP2000 IXEComplies
Microbiological Tests
Total Plate Count≤1000cfu/gAOAC990.12,16 thComplies
Total Yeast & Mold≤100cfu/g(BAM)Chapter18.8th EdComplies


Knotweed Extract Benefits:

Knotweed extract and resveratrol in supplement structure will more often than not be really dependable for canines, yet it’s important that clinical preliminaries are restricted. Although this herb and its use for dogs, particularly cancer-stricken dogs, have yielded some exciting findings, the majority of studies have utilized mice.

In one study, mice that took the polyphenol orally showed a lower rate of colon cancer spread. The anti-cancer application typically receives the most attention, and there are a variety of reports to examine. Some people are quite excited about the effects of resveratrol. There is some evidence that taking a resveratrol supplement may affect one or more stages of the development of cancer in dogs.

Giant knotweed extract and Lyme disease in dogs are linked by some personal accounts. In his book Healing Lyme, herbalist Stephen Buhner suggests taking a Japanese knotweed supplement because it is the only herbal remedy that prevents the bacterial phyla, or spirochetes, that cause Lyme disease and other infections like bartonella. In point of fact, a lot of people think that this herb is very helpful for people who have lyme. Please read our article, Natural Tips and Treatment for Dogs with Lyme Disease, if you need additional assistance for a dog with this illness.

It is also believed that knotweed extract has potent antibacterial and viral properties. Some have announced expanded energy levels and readiness in canines who’ve consumed Japanese knotweed roots, however once more, there’s very little as clinical proof. Nonetheless, we have found that the best proof frequently comes as genuine encounters.


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