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HCL Betaine

CAS No.:590-46-5
EINECS No.:209-683-1
Type:Feed Grade Amino Acids, Feed Grade Vitamins
Efficacy:Promote Healthy & Growth, Promote Nutrition
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What is Betaine HCL?


An acidic form of betaine, a vitamin-like substance found in grains and other foods, is betaine hcl. For individuals with hypochlorhydria, a lack of stomach acid production, some doctors recommend hcl betaine as a supplement to hydrochloric acid.




Purity95% 98%
Loss on drying2% Max
Arsenic0.0002% Max
concentration of betaine(%)72.4%Max
Appearancewhite, crystalline powder
Packing25kg / Bag
StorageKept in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight
Shelf Life24months


Betaine HCL Uses

Expanded edibility

A few examinations with betaine hcl revealed impacts on ileal or complete lot edibility of supplements in pigs. Since intestinal cells do not produce fiber-degrading enzymes, the repeated observation of an increased ileal digestibility of fiber (either crude fiber or neutral and acid detergent fiber) suggests that betaine already stimulates bacterial fermentation in the small intestine. Plant fibers contain nutrients that can be released during microbial fiber degradation.

As a result, digestibility of crude ash and dry matter also improved. Piglets fed 800 mg betaine/kg diet were found to have improved digestibility of crude protein (+6.4%) and dry matter (+4.2%) at the total tract level. A different study also found that adding 1250 mg/kg betaine increased crude protein and ether extract’s apparent total tract digestibility by 3.7% and 6.7%, respectively.


Enzyme production

The influence of betaine hcl on enzyme production could be one reason why nutrients are easier to digest. In a new in vivo study with respect with the impact of betaine supplementation in weaned piglets, the exercises of stomach related proteins (amylase, maltase, lipase, trypsin and chymotrypsin) in digesta were assessed (Figure 1). Except for maltase, the activity of all enzymes was higher, and the effect of betaine was stronger at 2,500 mg/kg feed than at 1,250 mg/kg. A rise in enzyme production or an increase in the enzymes’ catalytic efficacy could both lead to an increase in activity.

Trypsin and amylase activity are inhibited when NaCl is added to create hyperosmolarity, as demonstrated in an in vitro experiment. In this test, different amounts of hcl betaine were added to restore NaCl’s inhibitory effect and boost enzyme activity. Betaine inclusion, on the other hand, inhibited enzyme activity at relatively high concentrations but had no effect on enzyme activity when the buffer solution contained no NaCl.

Improved growth


performance and feed conversion in pigs supplemented with dietary betaine may not only be explained by an increase in digestibility but also by a reduction in maintenance energy. Additionally, pigs require less energy to maintain themselves when hcl betaine is included in their diets. Speculation for this noticed impact is the decreased requirement for particle siphoning, an energy requiring process, when betaine is free for keeping up with the intracellular osmolarity. Under conditions where energy admission is restricting, impacts of betaine supplementation are therefor expected to be more articulated, by expanding the accessibility of energy for development rather than support.



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