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Ecdysterone Bulk Powder

Product Name:Cyanotis Extract
Latin Name:Cyanotis arachnoidea CB.Clarke
Effective components:Beta Ecdysterone
Appearance:Brown yellow
Grade:feed grade
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Ecdysterone Bulk Powder?

A type of steroid known as ecdysterone bulk can be found in both plants and animals, particularly in insects like grasshoppers, silkworms, and beetles. It is a normally happening phytoecdysteroid that is synthetically like testosterone, however dissimilar to testosterone, it isn’t androgenic and meaningfully affects people. Ecdysterone powder is a hormone produced by insects that initiates molting and developmental processes.


Ecdysterone bulk powder is an active substance that can promote the molt metamorphosis of silkworms, which is extracted from the whole grass of Commelinaceae plants Cyanotis, arachnoidea, C, B, Clarke. Calculated on dry basis, it contains B–molting hormone [C27H44O7]. Less than 90%.



Basic Information:

Itemcyanotis extract
Active ingredientsEcdysterone
Chemical structure202303091524212195589.pngqualityclose-2
AppearanceBrown yellow to white powder
Test methodHPLC UV
Shelf life2 years when properly stored
StorageStored in a clean,cool,dry area; keep away from strong, direct light.





Ecdysterone Bulk Powder Benefits:


Ecdysterone, otherwise called ecdysone, is a characteristic chemical tracked down in bugs that assumes a part in their shedding and improvement. As of late, ecdysterone has acquired consideration for its expected advantages in agribusiness, especially in further developing plant development and efficiency. Ecdysterone has the potential to benefit agriculture in the following ways:


encourages plant development: ecdysterone bulk powder has been demonstrated that ecdysterone encourages the growth of wheat, barley, and tomato plants. It advances root and shoot development, improves chlorophyll content, and increments biomass gathering.


makes plants more resistant: Ecdysterone in plants may serve as a natural defense against diseases and pests. It boosts plant resistance to pathogens, pests, and environmental stresses by activating immune response pathways.


raises crop yields: It has been demonstrated that ecdysterone bulk powder improves crop yield and quality. Tomato plants treated with ecdysterone in one study.


enhanced growth: In silkworms, it has been demonstrated that ecdysterone encourages growth, resulting in larger and healthier larvae.


increased production of silk: Ecdysterone has been shown to boost silk production in silkworms, leading to a higher yield and higher quality silk.


Upgraded invulnerable framework: It has been demonstrated that ecdysterone powder boosts silkworms’ immune systems, making them less susceptible to disease and infection.


Lower-length larval stage: It has been discovered that ecdysterone shortens the silkworm larval stage, allowing for faster development and lower costs.


Ecdysterone bulk is a natural compound that has a lot of promise and can help silkworm farming in a number of ways.




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