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Dandelion Extract

Product Name:Dandelion root extract
Form: Powder
Part: Root
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Packaging: Drum
Test method:UV
Specification :1%-5% flavone;
Application:animal remedy additives
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Dandelion extract?

Dandelion extract has a flat, sweet and slightly bitter taste, has the effects of clearing away heat and toxins, reducing swelling and dispelling lumps, and promoting lactation. Dandelion Root Extract is very effective in the treatment of mastitis. Either the decoction is taken orally, or the mud is applied externally, both are effective. In addition, dandelion also has diuretic, laxative, anti-jaundice, choleretic and other effects, and is widely used in clinical veterinary medicine.


Basic Information:




4% by UV

Extraction solvent

water and ethanol





Heavy metal





fine powder



Loss On Drying


Total Plate









Dandelion extract Application:

1. Swine influenza

Cassia 20 grams, dandelion, grass root, dianthus, Dianthus, Agastache 6 grams, 5 grams of parsnip, 2 grams of Shuanghua and Scutellaria, added to the feed, 1 dose each time.

2.swine erysipelas

Take a handful of the second layer of willow bark, a handful of dandelion root extract, and 5 frogs, add water to decoct the juice, and pour 90 grams of sugar into it.

3. Indigestion

500 grams of fresh purslane and 250 grams of fresh dandelion, mashed and mixed or taken orally in decoction, once a day, 5 days as a course of treatment.

4, swine streptococcus disease

50 grams of shegan, 20 grams each of honeysuckle and Ophiopogon japonicus, 10 grams each of dandelion, forsythia, ground ding, rhubarb, and bean root, 5 grams of licorice. Use it for 5 days.

5, sow mastitis

120 grams each of dandelion and smilax, 60 grams of honeysuckle vine, decocted and taken orally.

6. abscess

20 grams of fresh ground and trichosanthes, 40 grams of dandelion extract, 50 grams of honeysuckle, Daqingye, Senecio, and wild chrysanthemum, taken orally with decoction.

7. breast swelling and pain

500 grams of dandelion, 300 grams of coulter grass and summer chrysanthemum, 200 grams of thistle root, pulverized and stirred in concentrate and fed to affected pigs twice a day.

8.Piglet diarrhea

50 grams of dandelion, 40 grams of sprouts, 30 grams of Brucea javanica, 25 grams of Chinese pasqueflower, decoction and water, 2 times a day.


Wash and pound the fresh dandelion root, extract the juice, heat it, and apply it to the affected area 3 times a day when the medicine is condensed into a paste.


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