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Coptis Extract

Type:Herbal Extract
Variety:coptis chinensis extract
Application:animal remedy additives
Advantage: bulk stock in USA warehouse;

What is Coptis extract?

Coptis extract is an emerging industry in recent years. Traditional Chinese medicine can prevent and treat diseases and promote animal growth without producing drug residues that are harmful to human health. Traditional Chinese medicine in my country has gradually attracted the attention of the majority of veterinary drug manufacturers and livestock and poultry farmers. The proportion of production and use of Chinese veterinary drugs Expand year by year. For this reason, what is the effect of Chinese medicine coptis japonica extract in veterinary medicine?

  Ingredients: coptis chinensis extract is the dry underground rhizome of the perennial herbaceous Coptidis of the Ranunculaceae family and other plants of the same genus (such as Coptis coptis, Yunlian).

   Nature and flavor return to menstruation: bitterness, coldness. Return to the lung, gallbladder, stomach, and large intestine meridian.

   Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, purging fire and detoxification.


Basic Information:

product namecoptis chinensis extract
appearanceyellow powder
latin nameCoptis chinensis
part usedroot
Main IngredientsBerberine HCL
SpecificationBerberine HCL 95%(HPLC),20:1(TLC)
shelf life2 years
storagein cool,dry place.keep away straight lighting.


Coptis Extract Application:

The role of Coptis extract for veterinary use

Coptis extract has the effects of resisting plague and pathogens, strengthening the body and detoxification, removing wind and dampness, clearing heat and cooling blood, reducing swelling and pain, improving immunity, enhancing disease resistance, and promoting rapid recovery of sick animals.

Function Indication

Coptis chinensis extract reduces heat and cool blood, clear away heat and detoxify, improve the body’s immunity. Coptis extract is mainly used to treat triple-burner fever, sore swelling and swelling caused by bacterial, viral and mixed bacterial and viral infectious diseases of livestock and poultry. Mainly manifested as high fever, depression, skin redness, reduced food, drinking water, dry stool, shortness of breath, sore mouth and tongue, red eyes, swelling and pain, yellow urine and other symptoms.

Coptis japonica extract is suitable for the prevention and treatment of PRRS, circovirus disease, pseudorabies, swine fever, influenza, aphthous, hoofitis, haemophilus, infectious pleuropneumonia, swine erysipelas, streptococcal disease, and avian Escherichia coli Disease, infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngotracheitis, bursal disease, egg drop syndrome and other mixed infections and secondary infections. Pure Chinese medicine preparation, no toxic side effects, good palatability.


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