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Cistanche Extract

Product Name:Cistanche tubulosa extract
Appearance:Brown Powder
Specification:5%-98% 5:1 10:1 20:1 30:1
Application:animal remedy additives
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What is Cistanche Extract?

The Cistanche Extract is a kind of plant that must live by growing on another plant. It fills in dry circumstances all over the planet. The stem of Cistanche deserticola is utilized in medication.

Cistanche deserticola is used to treat a wide range of conditions, including infertility, tetanus, and constipation, but there is insufficient scientific evidence to support these claims.


Basic Information:

CIE-001Cistanche Extract UV10%Echinacoside≥2.5%,Verbascoside≥0.5% By HPLC
Phenylethanoid glycoside≥10% By UV
CIE-002Cistanche Extract UV20%Echinacoside≥5.0%,Verbascoside≥1.0% By HPLCPhenylethanoid glycoside≥20% By UV
CIE-003Cistanche Extract UV40%Echinacoside≥10.0%,Verbascoside≥3.0% By HPLC
Phenylethanoid glycoside≥40% By UV
CIE-004Cistanche Extract UV60%Echinacoside≥20.0%,Verbascoside≥5.0% By HPLC
Phenylethanoid glycoside≥60% By UV
CIE-005Cistanche Extract UV80%Echinacoside≥22.0%,Verbascoside≥8.0% By HPLC
Phenylethanoid glycoside≥80% By UV
CIE-006Cistanche Extract UV85%Echinacoside≥24.0%,Verbascoside≥10.0% By HPLC
Phenylethanoid glycoside≥85% By UV
CIE-007Echinacoside 1%Echinacoside≥1.0% By HPLC
CIE-008Echinacoside 5%Echinacoside≥5.0% By HPLC
CIE-009Echinacoside 10%Echinacoside≥10.0% By HPLC
CIE-010Echinacoside 20%Echinacoside≥20.0% By HPLC
CIE-011Echinacoside 30%Echinacoside≥30.0% By HPLC
CIE-012Echinacoside 50%Echinacoside≥50.0% By HPLC
CIE-013Echinacoside 80%Echinacoside≥80.0% By HPLC
CIE-014Verbascoside 10%Verbascoside≥10.0% By HPLC
CIE-015Verbascoside 50%Verbascoside≥50.0% By HPLC
CIE-016Verbascoside 98%Verbascoside≥98.0% By HPLC


Cistanche Extract Benefits:

The functional plant cistanche extract is parasitic on the host species, Haloxylon ammodendron, and mostly grows in the desert. In order to investigate the effects of C. deserticola addition on nutrients digestion, nitrogen balance, energy utilization, and methane production, it was fed to sheep in this experiment. It has advantages in improving bodily intestinal peristalsis, immunity, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, and liver health.

The outcomes uncovered that cistanche tubulosa extract has great usage esteem in creature sustenance. The information are valuable for additional exploration on this regular plant added substance to work on the wellbeing and efficiency of the sheep benefited from new rummage from hay/tall fescue pastures.

This study is focused on at assessing whether cistanche extract powder expansion advances processing, nitrogen and energy use, and methane creation of sheep benefited from new rummage from hay/tall fescue pastures. The sheep were fed a base diet of fresh alfalfa (Medicago sativa) and tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) in addition to four levels of C. deserticola powder. Average body weight gain (BWG) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) were both improved by 0.20 and 0.14, respectively, at addition levels of 4% and 6%, respectively.

Under the addition level of 2%, the digestibility of dry matter (DM), organic matter (OM), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), and ether extract (EE) was higher than that of the control group, at 62.25%, 65.18%, 58.75%, and 47.25 percent, respectively. C. deserticola addition increased nitrogen intake and nitrogen deposit while improving energy utilization efficiency at addition levels of 2% and 4%. In general, C. deserticola has the potential to enhance sheep growth and digestion, making it suitable for use as a feed additive.


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